Lion Trading
Your European Oak Specialist

The Specialist in European Oak

Lion Trading works directly with suppliers and sawmills from Eastern Europe for good communication and high quality local oak wood. We stand for transparency, professionalism and reliability.

Professional and personal approach for your project

Our expertise lies in European oak and personal service. We give extensive attention to your vision, needs and the desired result. All customer needs are discussed together in advance, with a focus on sustainable partnerships. For needs, think of the desired quality, quantity and budget. After we have all the necessary information, we work professionally with our partners for targeted results.

The high-quality oak wood applications

European oak wood is special because of its density and hardness. It has a unique structure and is widely used in construction and furniture production due to its durability and appearance. Oak is loved for its coarse ‘flames’ and ‘mirrors’. Examples of applications are drawers and panels for beautiful wooden cabinets and kitchens. But oak wood is also suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to its strength and moisture resistance, oak is a good wood choice for various constructions.

Selection aid from experts

Do you need advice in finding the right kind of wood or project? Contact our specialists. A lot is possible, which is why we weigh up the best options together with you. We also help with alternative types of wood or other wood products. We always work tailor-made, with the best personal service.