Oak wood products

View our products, made from the best European oak. Here you will find planks, shell parts, slats and roof decking. Are you still looking for a different wood product or wood type? There are many possibilities at Lion Trading, contact our specialists for a tailor-made solution.

Oak Wall Cladding

Wall/Roof Cladding is used as a roof finish, on the inside of the roof construction. It is placed under the roof covering, such as roof tiles or thatch. These boards provides structural support and provides a level surface for the roofing material. It can also help insulate the roof and prevent moisture problems.

European oak wall cladding, also known as roof cladding, is carefully crafted and has a four-sided planed finish with minimal knots. The long sides are provided with a tongue-and-groove connection, and the ends are finished at right angles. Some planks may have sapwood on the underside, with a lighter color.

Oak Square Edged Boards

European oak is frequently used for various interior applications such as shutters, furniture and floorboards with minimal knots, which ensures a rural and robust appearance.

Please note that these boards may contain knots and that there may be small top cracks or superficial longitudinal cracks. Occasionally there may be spider mites in the planks, which are light in color. Often the bottom is used on the inside, so that any imperfections are not visible when used for many applications.

Oak Unedged Boards

Unedged boards are often used as facade cladding or as a decorative element in interiors. Due to their natural shape and the presence of bark on the sides, shell parts give a rustic and organic look. In addition, these boards can also be used as a finish for walls, ceilings and furniture.

European oak unedged boards are available in different lengths and thicknesses and have a planed finish on two sides. The sides of the boards retain their natural shape and bark, and are not sawn. Be aware that knots can occur and that there is always sapwood on the side of the boards. Spider mite has a lighter color, and sometimes the bark on the side can peel off over time.

Oak Lamellas

Oak lamellas are often used as sun protection or as cladding for walls and ceilings in interiors. They can also be used as wall cladding or as a decorative element in furniture and other woodworking projects.

The European oak lamellas are planed on four sides with right angles and are sanded smooth on one side. They contain few knots and generally have no defects.

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